Basic Info


Monday-Thursday 9:15 a.m. until 12 noon


4 year olds.  Must be potty-trained.  I recommend they turn 4 by mid-July.


In my home near Chinden & Linder in Meridian, Idaho

How much?

$180 per month

Discount pricing available for twins

I have one spot with a reduced tuition for a parent who is willing to do 2 hours a week of prep work for me (cutting, gluing, handwriting on things, etc.)

How many?

There will be a class of 6 children.  

When does school start?

Fall 2021: Tuesday, August 31st

Open House for parents & students Monday, August 30th

What happens if I schedule a visit?

We can schedule a visit at a time that is convenient for you.  I’d love to meet your child! But if you want to visit without him or her that is fine too.  Yes, you may bring other siblings with you. A visit can be just 10 minutes or 30 minutes–it is up to you.  I will show you our classroom area, walk you through a typical day at preschool, and answer any questions.

What would be a typical day for my child?

9:15     Gathering Activity (focus on fine motor skills & play)
9:30     Learning Circle (theme, finger plays, books, short video clips, songs, etc.)
10:10   Skill Building (letters, phonics, handwriting, counting, etc.)
10:45   Wash up & Snack
11:00   Stations/Interactive Learning (matching, sequencing, sorting, patterns, etc.)  
11:30    Arts & Crafts
11:45    Active Play--outdoor whenever possible
11:55    Clean Up & Pack Up
12:00    Head Home

What will they be learning at Sunny Start Preschool?

My goal is for each child to have these skills by the end of the school year:

Preschool Academic skills:

  • Write their first & last name
  • Identify uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Write all of the letters–uppercase and lowercase
  • Know the sounds of at least 18 letters
  • Retell a story
  • Understand: up, down, over, under, on, beside, between, etc.
  • Count 1-20
  • Identify numbers through 10
  • Identify 6 basic shapes
  • Identify 8 basic colors
  • Predict outcomes

Preschool motor skills:

  • Hold a pencil correctly
  • Cut with scissors
  • Jump with both feet
  • Hop on one foot at a time
  • Beginning to skip (alternating feet)
  • Draw a simple picture
  • Bounce, throw, catch, kick a ball
  • Zip
  • Button & unbutton

Preschool social skills:

  • Taking turns
  • Follow directions
  • Sit and listen to a story
  • Talk to non family adults
  • Play well with other children
  • Work independently for 5-7 minutes
  • Follow a routine
  • Clean up their area
  • Respond appropriately

Preschool life skills:

  • Know their full name & age
  • Know their birthday
  • Know what street they live on
  • Know their phone number
  • Know mom’s & dad’s names
  • Wash their own hands

What now?

If you have additional questions you may call 208-918-0240 and I will get back to within 24 hours.  Leave a message and let me know if you would prefer a call or a text. If you click “Schedule a Visit” button below I will contact you to schedule a visit with just you or you & your child.  I can answer any questions you have via email if you prefer.

You can also click below to go ahead and register.  I will then confirm your registration within 24 hours.