What about COVID-19?

  1. I have received my COVID vaccination and boosters.
  2. For 2023-24 school year I strongly recommend students have the COVID vaccine. However, I will not require it but request that each parent discusses the vaccine with your pediatrician.
  3. We need to continue to be flexible.  All parents should have a back up plan in place for a child with symptoms or if I need to close the school because I have symptoms or one of my household members has symptoms. 
  4. We need to be cautious with any symptoms.  With this in mind, any student who misses more than 2 days of school (because of symptoms, an actual illness, or a family member having symptoms) will have their tuition pro-rated for the month.  This is to encourage parents not to hesitate keeping their child home.
  5. We all rely on parents to be completely honest with their own and their child’s exposure.  Please lean on the side of caution if any symptoms are present.  
  6. If I need to cancel school because of symptoms with any of my household I will also pro-rate your tuition.    

One great advantage of a small, in-home preschool is that it greatly reduces the number of people your child will be exposed to and my hope that as we all act responsibility we can keep these children safe. I have a child who lives at home who has a autoimmune disorder so I need to be very cautious with this disease.

We wash with hand sanitizer as the students arrive & leave, before and after snack time, and any additional times needed.  I will regularly review washing hands after using the bathroom.  Tables and the entire bathroom are sanitized daily. Toys we play with are sanitized and/or set aside for at least 72 hours before we play with them again. 

Masks or face shields will not be required in general. If your child has been home ill I ask that you have them wear a mask the first few days they return to school as the sniffles resolve. If your child is sniffing or coughing a lot I will provide a mask for them or call the parent to come get them.

Parents will need to wait for their children on the front porch for pick up and drop off. 

Parents should have a back up plan should things change quickly.

COVID Symptoms (from the CDC) and when to Quarantine

People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. People with these symptoms may have COVID-19:

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea 

Link to guidelines for when and how long to quarantine:

CDC Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines click here

School calendar

I will send home a monthly calendar. I generally follow the West Ada School District calendar for scheduled holidays, scheduled school closings, weather, or health closings.  I may hold school for a couple of the West Ada Professional Learning Days-but those of course are optional for families.

West Ada “Early Release Days” do not affect our schedule.


Similar to the West Ada school guidelines students start preschool when they will turn age 4 before September 1st.  However, I recommend they turn age 4 by July 1st. These students are more prepared emotionally, physically, and socially for preschool.  But I will yield to a parent’s discretion. All students must be potty trained.

Sick Policy

Each student’s health is very important to me!  Please respect the other students and their families by not bringing sick children to school.  When in doubt please keep them home. I am happy to provide a packet of activities for bored sick kids for you to pick up.  Preschoolers get sick more often than adults as they build up their immune system–take time before the school year starts to make a plan for your child’s care when they are suddenly sick.

Do not allow your child to come to school if they have had:  Fever over 99.5, diarrhea, pink eye, vomiting, deep cough, green mucus, etc.  Your child must be free from these symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school.  

If you’re feeling unsure whether to send your child or not–you should keep them home.

Notify me if your child develops chicken pox, head lice, pink eye, impetigo, or other serious contagious illnesses so I can notify other parents and do a special, deep cleaning.

If your child gets sick at school I will place them in a separate area until you can return to them quickly.  

Toys at School

I strongly recommend students leave all personal toys at home.  Personal toys can lead to distraction, disagreement, and disruption.  If a child brought one without your knowledge it will be placed in the backpack until pick up time.  Many students who are anxious benefit knowing there are rules and that they are followed.  


Hooray!  How fun! We love to recognize birthdays at preschool.  We will coordinate to celebrate your child’s birthday as close as possible to the actual day.  Summer birthdays will have a designated day to celebrate in May.  

I can help with birthday party invitations only if every student is included. 

Parents will be invited to bring in a special snack for celebration day.  


Students love having a turn to plan & bring a snack to school.  Small portions and choosing a healthy snack are important and I will provide a suggested list.  To simplify, your turn will last for two weeks in a row. You may choose to bring it in daily, for the week, or for the whole two weeks at once. 


To secure your preschool spot a deposit of $190 will be due at enrollment to secure your spot. This deposit will serve as your last month’s payment (for May 2024.)

You may pay directly to my venmo account:


Or pay by check to “Sunny Start Preschool”.

Monthly payment is due the first of each month.  I will send a reminder text when payment has not been received within 5 days.  Payment is considered late on the 2nd Tuesday and a fee of $10 will be assessed.  Returned check fee of $25 will be assessed. Parents pay for about 15 preschool days per month.


Preschoolers are at a valuable stage when they are learning to control their emotions and behaviors.  

My first line of discipline is prevention.  Creating clear and reasonable expectations, providing structure, having a reward system, giving praise, and getting to know your child all are important first steps to discipline.  

The next step of discipline are clear reminders, redirection, giving choices, or distraction.  I will notify you when the problem persists.  

Physical punishment is strictly prohibited.  

Some children misbehave because of illness, something happening at home, or being overly tired.  Remember a four year old still needs 10-12 hours of sleep each night. Please tell me if there are big changes or problems occurring at home which may affect your child at preschool.  This allows me to understand the situation better.


I take photographs of your child throughout the year.  These photos will be shared with you and other parents as well.  Photos will only be put on the website or social media with your permission.  Please follow the same policy if you take any photos or receive photos the include other students besides your own–ask for permission before sharing online.

Drop Out Policy

Please provide a 30-day notice to withdraw your student.  During those 30 days you must still pay tuition allowing us time to fill the spot.

I reserve the right to deny ongoing enrollment at our preschool if at any time there is an issue I feel requires the removal of a student.  Prorated tuition for the month as well as your deposit (tuition for May) will be reimbursed.


Please send me a text when your child is home sick just so I am aware and don’t worry.

If you have a family trip and your child will miss some school I can provide an activity packet for your child to do on car or airplane rides if you would like.  Please notify me one week in advance.  

Pick Up Time

Always put away your phone during pick up time.  These few moments are an important time to reconnect and allow your student to share about their school experience.  

Please pick up your child on time.  I may have appointments or responsibilities a short time after preschool.  If there is one pick up that is over eight minutes it will be recorded. Subsequent late picks up will be charged $5 after ten minutes and an additional dollar for each additional minute.

Students will be at the door or on the porch at 12:00.  You may remain outside or in your car until we open the door and come out.

If your child has an appointment and will be picked up early please notify me. 


Preschool can be a little messy–we do art projects that involve glue, markers, shaving cream, paint, slime, etc–when I feel crazy we may even use glitter.  I will always encourage students to wear painting shirts for messier projects but please send your child in clothes that can get a little dirty.  

If for some reason they need a change of clothes I will have a set on hand.  Please wash these and return promptly.

Wait List

If our enrollment is full I can add you to a wait list.  Should an opening become available I will contact those on the list in the order their name was given.  Openings can occasionally become available even after the school year has begun.


Please always feel free to talk to me about any concerns or questions–I want to be a help & resource for you and your child!!!  (You may talk to me at pick up time, text, call, email, whatever works best for you!)  

Parents need to have the free Group Me App to simplify group reminders.

Please be sensitive to all the students–a quick comment at drop off or a quick text during class is fine but please limit it so I can focus on all the students during school hours.