Picture of a Haunted House
Haunted Houses at Halloween
Making Patterns with a Christmas Chain
Releasing a butterfly after watching it from a cocoon.
Biology lessons are particularly fun for this age group.
Yellow and red make…..ORANGE!!!!
Handwriting practice–I use reusable pages to reduce paper usage but we also occasionally send home samples of their handwriting.
Sorting & patterns with “turkey” feathers
Releasing Ladybugs–noting the different sizes and color shades
A little science lesson about magnets (using Christmas bells in water).
St. Patrick’s Day–its important that children draw and cut and glue themselves. If they say “I can’t” I coax them along.
“Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” crackers students made
Winter Sports craft. Again, its important children do most of it themselves–its OK if it doesn’t turn out perfect!
Crafts are the perfect activity to work on fine motor skills–cutting, coloring, gluing, all build up those fine muscles in those little fingers.

Where we work on skill building
Part of our outside play area